We are an analytical laboratory specialising in the testing of soil and water samples for range of environmental contaminants. Established in 2005, we are accredited by UKAS to both ISO17025 (UKAS No. 2628) and, where applicable,  MCerts Standards.

Our services include:

– Collection of soil and groundwater samples, including lo-flow sampling and collection of MNA parameters;

– Analysis of soil and water samples for a wide range of organic and inorganic compounds;

– Waste Classification Analysis (WAC testing);

– Forensic analysis of fuel/soil/water samples contaminated with hydrocarbons to determine age/weathering;

As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times and believe that we offer the fastest environmental analysis service available. But more than that, we’re also approachable and accessible. Unlike our larger competitors, if you need to discuss either your analysis requirements or the results of the analysis we have completed for you, we won’t fob you off with a customer support agent. Instead the analyst who performed your testing who will deal with you directly to solve your query.

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